Management and committee structure

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association is organised in two branches, one for oil companies and the other for supplier companies. Each of the two branches has a separate branch board.
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The joint general meeting is the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s highest authority. Each member company can appoint one representative to the relevant branch board. The branch boards choose their own chair.

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s board consists of nine members chosen by the joint general meeting. Five are chosen from the oil companies and four from the supplier companies. The chair of the board is elected by the general meeting. The board has a quorum when at least six members are present.

The board

Kristin Færøvik, Lundin Norway (chair)

Arne Sigve Nylund, Equinor ASA
Kristin Kragseth, Vår Energi
Rich Denny, A/S Norske Shell
Vidar Nedrebø, Repsol Norge AS
Tom Huuse, GE Oil & Gas
Erik H Sæstad, Oceaneering AS
John E Stangeland, Norsea Group
Monica Th. Bjørkmann, Subsea 7

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association has three permanent committees composed of representatives from the member companies, which work on key issues for the oil and gas industry. 

Work and resource groups affiliated with the committees are established as required. The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s administration is organised in accordance with the association’s management and committee structure.